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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance technology has come a long way in the past few years!  Today, live and recorded video can be accessed via your PC, smart phone and tablets.  Plus the image quality is dramatically better than it was. 

If you've had a surveillance system for more than a couple years, it's likely that you have an analog camera system and a digital video recorder.  At the time, you probably got the most value for your dollar.  With advances in camera technology and network video recorders, even greater value for the dollar is available today! 

IP cameras offer many features and benefits that analog cameras do not.  The image quality and versatility of an IP camera tend to make for a much greater return on investment than analog cameras.

IP Cameras & Mega Pixels

Have you ever tried to review your recorded video and been disappointed with the quality? 

Most IP cameras have higher resolution than what is possible with analog cameras.  We recommend cameras starting at the equivalent of HDTV 720p.  That's approximately 300% better video quality than the typical analog camera for a slightly higher investment.  Pro Net Systems will help you choose the camera that suits your application best, 1 Mega Pixel, 2MP, 5MP or 10MP.  The 10 Mega pixel cameras we have installed have picture quality that is up to 3270% better than most analog cameras. 

Have you ever had a surveillance recording that you couldn't use?

It's important to determine the goal of each camera and then choose the correct camera for the job.  In some cases all you need is general surveillance with not much detail so an analog camera is all you need.  However, we've seen many times when much greater detail would have made a significant difference.  Often the real goal of the camera is to convert a recording in to some king of action; identification, recognition or detail capture.  We've had great success in detail capture by choosing the correct camera and properly deploying them. 

Have you ever tried to expand or zoom in to your analog recordings?  

If you have, then you've seen how analog camera images "pixilate" and the quality degrades as you zoom in.  With Mega Pixel cameras, the image quality is still very good after zooming in to the image.  When attempting to capture details there are three major factors to consider:  Distance to the target from the camera.  The width of the overall field of view.  The level of detail required.  Example: If the goal is to capture license plate numbers, we first determine how far vehicles are likely to be from the camera.  Second, we decide how wide the image should be.  Sometime we'll deploy one camera to provide a wide general overview, maybe an analog camera, and then add a mega pixel camera with a targeted, narrow field of view to capture details. Third, through our experience we know the pixel density needed to capture the characters on a license plate.  Then we choose a camera that has enough mega pixels to meet that requirement. 

What can Pro Net Systems do for me?

Call or e-mail Pro Net Systems Today! We'll inspect your current system and give you a detailed report.  Then we'll discuss ways to make the most of what you have and improve it with these new technologies.